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Long Pickups

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 Posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Since this coronovirus situation, Uber has started offering rides that are 10-15 miles and over 20 minutes away while I'm smack in the middle of a large surge zone.  I mean, I turn it down and it's like they keep coming back to back.  Obviously, this makes no sense in a densely populated area that is surging AND it makes no sense for a driver to take on that unpaid time and overhead.  Why is uber doing this all of a sudden?  There is no sufficient way to make a compliaint about this and it has happened so frequently in the last 2 weeks that I've lost one of my benefits to see ride lengths due to my acceptance rate.  But there is no way I'm driving that far for a potential $3 ride.  Do you know why this is happening all of a sudden?  It used to happen on occassion, but now it is consistently 15 minutes or more to ride offers.  The ones over 20 minutes are just outrageous.  How can we make any money doing this?  Oh, one more thing.  Uber is upcharging the passengers and not passing any of that down to the drivers since this coronovirus thing started...taking 60% off the top AND asking us to drive to the end of the earth for a pickup.

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