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Are Uber and Lyft drivers okay with a 15-20 mile (20 minute) trip?

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 Posted 4 years, 9 months ago

Are Uber and Lyft drivers okay with bringing me 15-20 miles (20 minutes) away? I live in Portland, ME, and want to travel to and from Old Orchard Beach, ME.

My Portland location usually gets a driver in 1-5 minutes. It looks like drivers might take 5-20 minutes in Old Orchard. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Would it make a difference if it were in the middle of the night when there are fewer riders, meaning they might have to drive back empty-handed? Or would they drive back empty-handed anyway? Not sure if they get to choose only rides that would bring them closer to their original area...


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     4 years ago

    I don't think it would matter too much when you request a ride, you may have to wait a little longer at night but I bet there will still be drivers on the road. If you are worried about inconveniencing the driver give them a tip to help cover the cost home!

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     4 years ago

    I think this type of ride is pretty normal TBH, I think you would be fine with getting a ride. It may be a bummer for the driver to drive back without a fare but it is common!

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    1300 Rider Driver
     4 years ago

    Deadmiling is always a major issue with drivers during late hours. We don't know where we're going before we pick you up. Most of the time when we're taken out of the city core to suburbs, we won't get a trip back and will have to deadmile. Basically, making those trip money losers for the drivers.