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Making extra cash using my dashcam

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 Posted 11 months, 3 weeks ago

If you're after making a few extra $ a day, Catchmap.us and Lyft are doing a pilot program in California to launch their dashcam video sharing platform, and paying drivers to post.

Once you enroll you can post anything you catch during your day, and they will pay depending on the type of video. it ranges from $2 for catching a bad or reckless driver in action (that's pretty much 20 times a day for me), to $15 for rarer situations, like witnessing a hit and run. All you need is to have a user account for Catchmap and enroll to their program (Link to program form). It's a good way to make use of your dashcam if you have one. They pay weekly.


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     11 months ago  (edited 11 months ago)

    If you want to earn extra money while utilizing your dashcam, Catchmap us and Lyft have launched a pilot program in California. You can share your dashcam videos and get paid based on the content. It's an excellent opportunity to capture instances like impaired or reckless driving, which can earn you $2 per video, and even rarer situations like witnessing a hit and run, which pays $15. Additionally, if you need assistance preparing your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), I recommend seeking CDR report help from reputable sources to maximize your chances of success. Happy driving and earning!