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Nvidia further distances itself from Uber in wake of fatal self-driving crash [The Verge]

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 Posted 6 years, 1 month ago

They ceased testing and their stock price dropped 12%.  Ha!  People took it to mean they were either at fault or had something to hide.  Gosh the market is cruel.

I don't blame the guy, but his response is, "everyone should" three times.

“This is obviously an important moment,” Huang said, adding that the company has a lot of testing it can do on closed tracks and with its simulator. “You should pause to learn from it,” Huang continued. “There’s no question that everyone in the industry should pause.”

“As soon as the news became clear to us we stopped,” he said. “And the reason is that it’s good engineering practice. Whether you are using the highest level of engineering quality systems or the highest level of care, it doesn’t matter. If there’s an incident that happens and there’s a new piece of information you can learn from, then you pause to learn from it.”

He added, “I think that everybody in the industry should.”


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