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Posted by: RideGuru Team Oct 30, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020


After New Years Eve, Halloween night is the second busiest time of year for the ridesharing industry. In years past, ridesharing on Halloween brought more “scaries” to riders than Ghouls or Ghosts when they woke up and saw their Uber bill home the next day. For those of you who took an Uber on Halloween in 2014, you may remember how the night ultimately brought down Uber’s supply and demand system after engineers weren’t prepared for the sheer volume of rides.

This year, Uber is ready for the holiday season with a fully staffed engineering team who conduct multiple drills throughout the year to ensure their system can handle even the busiest of nights.

According to NBC, in the run-up to Halloween festivities, Uber’s teams around the world have been working together to make sure nothing breaks. “We start projecting out what we think our peak capacity is going to be, we also want to know the volume of the capacity, so at any one moment, how many trips do we need to be able to support through all of our infrastructure?”

Uber’s team of engineers will then run drills on the same infrastructure that handles real-life trips. By adding loads of additional “fake” trips internally to simulate the demand of big holiday nights.

Hopefully, Uber’s team has nailed the perfect balance between supply and demand for tomorrow nights festivities so the scariest thing that happens during your festivities is when the keg runs dry. Let us know on our forum if you still get slammed with surge pricing and if you are looking to estimate your ride to find the cheapest option in your town check out our fare comparison calculator.

Halloween Rideshare Promotions

Here are a couple of Halloween promotions our team has come across, have any to add to the list? Please comment below!

Taking a Lyft in San Antonio? Use code "LYFTOWEEN18" for $10 off your ride through the weekend.

In select cities you could get an Uber ride in a Rolls Royce for free! If you see the option "UBER GHOST" when selecting your ride on the 31st of October between 6pm and 12am, you may find a free Rolls Royce rolling up to your pickup location!

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