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Phlatbed is THE app for quickly Delivering Furniture on-demand

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 Posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Spring is around the corner. Time to move out of my grad school apartment....without BF help, he's traveling of course. Figured I'd give the usual suspects a go. As I did a few months ago I tried to look at Dolly, Phlatbed, and Lugg. Interestingly, my bias towards Phlatbed (it simply works) manifested, but I tried to be equitable on this one. NYC is a tough place to live in.....many of you know this.

Dolly : Works like a typical mover/ moving company but via an app. Seems to work if you've got time to spare. Minimal experience with it, Android  iOS supported. But still the ask and wait for a quote model. NOT on-demand.

Phlatbed : On-demand, basically the Uber for delivering just about anything. Whether you're moving  or need  junk removal. Connects you to local drivers who are available and waiting in real time. In most US cities, used it a few times. Android  iOS supported. The first and only on-demand moving app in the industry today. Big in most metropolitan areas / big cities. NYC, Boston, Michigan, Dallas, Austin, Raleigh, Miami, Seattle, Portland, etc.

Lugg : Similar to Dolly in just about every way. Not much experience with this app, tried it but was too much to enter this information and that information, then wait a few hours for response etc. Android and iOS supported as well.

I would be careful using Uber or Lyft to move your stuff......it's a legal minefield, drivers are not contracted to move more than the passenger, so you may be up the creek in that regard.


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