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Uber or Lyft for moving furniture?

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 Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

While this is up to the Driver, there are other options available. These are on-demand apps. As I move alot for grad school (and work...I work in academia), I've had to use these many times.

Dolly : Works like a typical mover/ moving company but via an app. Seems to work if you've got time to spare. Minimal experience with it, Android  iOS

Phlatbed : On-demand, basically the Uber for moving & junk removal. Connects you to local drivers who are available and waiting in real time. In most US cities, used it a few times. Android  iOS

Buddytruk : Similar to Dolly and regional, no experience with this app but if I end up out west I'll definitely check it out  Android iOS

I would be careful using Uber or Lyft to move your stuff......it's a legal minefield, drivers are not contracted to move more than the passenger, so you may be up the creek in that regard.

Unless agreed beforehand, no Uber driver that I know of is going to fit a couch, chair, or table in their car. Uber drivers usually don't appreciate your large items. It's very rare to find an Uber or Lyft driver willing to help move your stuff....let alone junk removal.

Any thoughts welcome.



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     3 years ago

    Good post.  It'd be useful to know where these companies and their services are available. Any in Philly?

    It's a fantastic idea though. There's so much free stuff out there only if I owned a truck!

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