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Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 16, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020


The sharing economy is in full swing and most everything is being "Uber-ized" these days. One of our favorites (for practical reasons) is the on-demand services that are popping up to help people move. These services range from a guy in a truck that can help you move that big TV you just bought to a full service, on demand, moving team that will get you and all your stuff from point A to point B.

We have compiled a list of on demand apps that will help you move below.


Available: Los Angeles, Orange County, Austin, San Marcos

Buddytruk is a mobile app, founded in Santa Monica, California in late 2013, that connects you with a buddy, with a truck, to make your moving and delivery needs easier and affordable. Simply send a picture of what you need help delivering
and get matched with a driver with the right sized pickup truck to help. Your driver (buddy) will help load your item and transport it to where it needs to go. The app will then calculate your costs based on time and mileage for you to pay via card at the end of your move.


Available: Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Portland, Seattle

Dolly is a mobile app that connects you with local truck owners (called "Helpers") who are ready to help with your moving, delivery, and hauling needs. Dolly's cost varies based on the number and type of items being moved, the number of Helpers requested, the distance between pickup and drop off, and the service level selected. With Dolly you can choose to have your helpers move the item from room A to room B or you can choose the cheaper curbside service but you have to get the item to and from the helper's car on your own. At the end of your move, Dolly will charge you through the app. Please keep in mind that Dolly helpers will not help you assemble/dissassemble furniture or pack boxes.


Available: Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego, Sacramento and Austin.

DudeINeedATruck is a mobile app that connects you with a "Dude" who can help you with an array of tasks. Your "Dude/s" can help you with the following, move a single large item or two, junk removal, or even light yard or construction work. You are billed a flat fee based on the amount of workers and hours you need for your project. Keep in mind though that your Dude is not expected to assemble/dissassemble furniture for you! DudeINeedATruck allows you to order a Dude on demand or in advance and all payments must be completed through the app.


Available: Seattle

FleetZen is marketed towards users who have purchased an item that is too big for them to transport on their own. Instead of relying on store delivery services or renting a truck, Fleetzen provides a cheaper on demand service to help safely transport your item home. FleetZen drivers will help you load/unload your item but you are not allowed to ride with FleetZen. When requesting your FleetZen you will be asked to submit a clear picture of the item you need moved so drivers can assess if they would be able to help. At the end of the move, your payment will be processed through the app.


Available: Austin, San Marcos

Burro is an on-demand application that requests a driver and a truck to help you move your item/s from one place to another. While Burro does recommend that you have most of the packing complete before your driver arrives, your driver can help you with the packaging of your item/s and are even equipped with knowledge on how to wrap/pack tricky items. Burro does have some stipulations though, they do not move electronics unless they are in a box and they also do not help move any hazardous materials. Burro also states that they only cover the items that you need moved and no passengers, if you choose to ride with your Burro driver, you are doing so at your own risk. All Burro payments are completed through the app.


Available: San Diego, Los Angeles, Jersey City, Miami, Orange County, Atlanta, Chula Vista, Central New Jersey, San Bernardino, Oceanside, South New Jersey

GoShare's tagline is "Your Friend with a Truck" as this on-demand app helps to connect truck and van owners with people who need help moving, hauling, or delivering large items on demand. GoShare can transport anything that can fit in the back of a truck with the exception of people, pets, weapons, and hazardous materials. GoShare's pricing model is based on a fixed per minute rate dependant on the type of vehicle you select and how many helpers you need. All GoShare payments are completed through the app.


Available: San Diego

Haulor, is an on-demand moving app that helps users "haul" their items from point A to Point B. Haulor drivers will help you load and unload your item as well as transport it in their vehicle. Haulor's pricing system is simple at $1 per minute with a minimum of $30. While Haulor can help haul any item for you, they do not have insurance for you or your pet to ride along! Haulor also has a "schedule ahead" service where you are able to set your own price and have drivers apply for your job.


Available: Orlando

Haulzi is an app that connects users with a driver who will help load, unload, and move your item/s with use of their truck from point A to point B. Haulzi is different from other moving applications as Haulzi does not have a set price, instead you work out the price with your driver through a private chat feature on the Haulzi app. Once you have settled on a payment amount for your move, Haulzi will handle the payment through your on-file credit card on the app. Currently Haulzi is only available for on-demand moves and cannot be booked in advance.


Available: Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County

Lugg is an on-demand app that automatically connects you with a truck and 2 movers. The price depends on your vehicle of choice, miles driven between pick-up and drop-off (you’re charged by the miles, not driving time) and time spent loading and unloading. When using Lugg you can move as many items as will fit in the back of a pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck. Lugg movers can be requested on demand or in advance! Lugg payment is completed through the app once your move is complete. Please keep in mind that Lugg movers are not required to assemble/dissassemble items. Also, currently, Lugg does not allow you to ride along in the truck with your stuff!


Available: New York City, Boston, Providence

Phlatbed is an on-demand moving and delivery mobile application that connects you to local drivers who can help you move various items. The app is easy to use, just post your items and select a driver. When your driver arrives they will pick up your item and get it to where you want it. Phlatbed even claims that they can move your stuff within the hour! Pricing is bid driven, meaning drivers will bid on "moving your stuff". You can also set a price if you have a certain budget.

Know of another "Uber for Moving" app? Let us know!

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     4 years ago

    I have heard of GoShare, but for some reason I thought it was for food delivery.  They delivery *stuff*, huh.

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     4 years ago

    In Canada , Fetchit    www.gofetchit.ca

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       4 years ago

      sure, man.  awesome.  you do you.

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     4 years ago

    Great Article

    You can also add the following services too:

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     3 years ago  (edited 3 years ago)

    Phlatbed - On-demand......exactly that...easy to use, simple and straightforward. Took a bit getting used to but it does exactly what it says....for quick moves when you need it.

    Uber for moving On-demand, moving and delivery

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     3 years ago

    There is another one in DC called PockitShip.  They have a network of some of the top moving and delivery companies in the area.  All the drivers in their network are licensed and insured movers.

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    97 Rider Driver
     2 years ago

    FYI - Haulzi is no longer around. Fleetzen is gone, Buddytruk is packing it in as well.

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     2 years ago

    Move It - On Demand Delivery & Moving Service


    Las Vegas / Henderson

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     2 years ago

    We are like Uber for the moving industry!  Our service is designed to hire a driver on the FLY! That means, from the time you have made your request to pick up and delivery, happens most times within the hour. We also offer whole apartment/home move and just labor services if needed. We connect consumers who need a truck with individual/companies who have trucks available.  Download our app or go to truckbuds.com

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     2 years ago
    www.gomoveit.com On Demand Delivery & Moving Service. Truck & Muscle, Anytime You Need It. We connect you with highly vetted truck owners and labor to carefully load and deliver your items when and where you need. Real time tracking, in-app call and text. Pay, tip, and review in-app or online. Get a free quote now! ondemandmove.com