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Pickup location at CVG misleading

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 Posted 2 years, 4 months ago

About two weeks ago, the pickup location for Rideshare passengers arriving at CVG Airport was changed in Google Maps to read “Baggage Claim, Zone 1” from the original and equally ambiguous “Door 10”. I’m a Lyft driver (no, I don’t drive for Uber, too) and I’m constantly having to contact my airport passengers to tell them how to get to the actual pickup spot at CVG. I’ve reached out to the Airport Board numerous times to ask for better signage in the baggage claim area and to correct the wording in Google Maps but nobody ever does anything. I’m assuming it’s up to the airport authorities to officialize these wording changes since they’re specific to the given property or business. At any rate, the pickup location as shown in Google Maps in the Lyft app is causing much confusion at CVG!

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