New Uber and Lyft Pickup Location at Dulles International Airport

Posted by: RideGuru Team Aug 26, 2020


IAD Airport Pickup

While having to walk away from the terminal curb to catch your rideshare is common practice now at some airports, Dulles International Airport just made the switch this weekend. The curbside traffic at Dulles was getting out of hand and as a result officials created a new curb pickup location dedicated solely for rideshare pickups.

Jerome L Davis, the executive vice president and chief revenue officer at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, is hopeful that this new solution will “help relieve future airport roadway congestion and simplify the process for connecting passengers with their driver”.

The new pickup spot is at ground level, just outside of baggage claim. Passengers will be directed to the new spot via signs throughout the airport. All rideshare users will be directed through doors 2, 4, and 6 which lead directly to the new curb. Dulles officials believe getting to this new spot should be easy and more effective as they have also implemented designated zones within the curb to help passengers more easily identify their rideshare vehicle. In an ideal world, this will also help traffic flow quicker by not creating a one line backup of rideshare vehicles.

Furthermore, the new spacious curb will help passengers’ social distance during this pandemic while waiting for their ride. Airport drop-offs, including drop offs by rideshare vehicles are still permitted on the main departures level.

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