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Report crazy driver

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 Posted 6 months ago

We were just nearly killed by one of your drivers. I was traveling on
Lee Highway in Arlington VA when a Lyft driver exited a parking lot
without stopping into on coming traffic almost causing a horrible
accident. I had to honk my horn and swerve my car into the left lane
to avoid hitting the Lyft driver broadside. If there was another car
in the left lane this would have been a 3 car collusion caused by your
driver. To see someone just simply drove across a parking lot at a
high speed then right into oncoming traffic without stopping was
terrifying. This was an incredibly blatant disregard for safety,
completely reckless and utterly unbelievable. I question if this
driver was under the influence. Then the Lyft driver chased after me,
pulled up next to me and screamed profanities at me. He was AT
FAULT!!!! This driver is unsafe and I’m concerned that they might be
operating in an impaired state. This happened at approximately 4:35PM
at 6730 Lee Highway in Arlington, VA. The car was a gray Hyundai Ioniq
with VA License Plate number UBA-5703. I would like to talk to someone
about this incident, please contact me.

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