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Drug induced or mentally ill Lyft driver?

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 Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Sunday 12/15/19 2:56pm La Mirada, CA. Beach Blvd and Stage Rd. With my fiancé and our 3 year old daughter White Toyota Camry limo tint Lic Plate# 7DCB993 with identifying Lyft stickers. Driver was a white male early to mid 30s erratic driving and extremely agressive/hostile behavior possibly drug induced. While I was turning at a green left turn light onto stage rd from Beach Blvd driver ignored his red light. Without stopping or attempt of slowing down  made a swift right turn cutting me luckily I avoided side swiping his vehicle. I honked my horn and immediately driver slammed on his brakes and flipped me off. As we proceeded forward lane split from 1into 2 lanes. While I was in the right lane driver decided to use his car and attempt to make me run into the curb and trying to blocking me in. Driver then parked and got out with a weapon of some sort possibly a crowbar. I quickly escaped from this psychopath. At the next light at alondra and stage I swerved last min to the right while his was waiting for left turn this is when I snapped a pic of his vehicle. This guy needs to be locked away and throw the key away.


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     2 years ago

    Wow, did you contact Lyft directly with this info?

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      1296 Rider Driver
       2 years ago

      Lyft will put his account on hold for 48 hours to do the BS investigation, then release him back to the wild unless he had other reports like this

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    54 Rider Driver
     2 years ago

    Did you notify Lyft? The police?