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Rideshare availability at a time and place

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 Posted 1 month ago

Well, I'm about to ask my first old guy question to the internets.  I'm sure this must be easy to do, but I haven't been able to find much useful by searching.

How do you determine before a trip if rideshare is going to be available at a certain time and place?  If I'm going somewhere semi-remote and it's early or late, there may be none available.  I know you can check Uber's app and see live cars, or estimated pickup times, but it isn't really a good method and availability will be different on a Sunday morning even vs. a Saturday morning in some places.

Is there an app that provides an estimated likelihood of rideshare availability for a time and place?



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     1 week ago

    If you want to get an idea of the availability in advance, take a look at the app one week in advance. Like most people in the workforce, drivers schedule their work schedule on a weekly basis. So if you have plans to travel on a Thursday morning at 5AM, just check exactly one week prior. The availability should be similar.

    Of course, there are exceptions like holidays that may influence this.  but you get the idea.

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     1 month ago

    For those early morning rides where the risk is too high for there to be a long wait (or no driver availability), you should call airport shuttles or call a taxi company.  Some of them have apps just like Uber. May cost more though. 

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     1 month ago  (edited 1 month ago)

    Hi, Matt,

    It’s an excellent question, and this is something many people wonder regardless of age! Unfortunately, the answer isn’t straight forward.

    First of all, here’s an article that may help


    The problem is that a rideshare like Uber isn’t by default designed to be scheduled. The availability of the drivers is determined by what drivers happen to be in your area at the time of your request. When you request a ride in the app, that’s for right there and then. The app will show you how far the drivers are and how long it’ll take  

    Don’t fret though; in most areas. there are plenty of cars, and the wait shouldn’t be too long.