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Uber is reportedly making a new service to provide short-term jobs in security, hospitality, and more [Business Insider]

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 Posted 5 years, 1 month ago

Here's another article on UberWorks - 


Uber "the California transportation giant is quietly building out a new business unit that would connect job-seekers to short-term roles like "waiters and security guards."

The effort, referred to as Uber Works, would be a significant expansion of the services Uber offers, and comes as the company gears up to go public in a long-awaited IPO in 2019.

The news is also likely to provoke fresh criticism of Uber from labor activists. The company has been long attacked by critics over what they argue is an exploitative work model for its drivers without the benefits of traditional employment, and Uber moving into new industries will spark fresh fears about the company's impact on workers' rights."


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