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Waymo, Uber, Ford, and others are joining forces to explore the ‘human impact’ of self-driving cars [Verge]

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 Posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Is this really about the people and those who will be impacted by self-driving cars?  or another corporate bull?

"Driverless vehicles could eliminate millions of jobs in the future, from cabbies to truckers to food delivery workers. But the companies that are hoping to hasten the adoption of this disruptive technology don’t want to seem callous to this brewing labor crisis, so they are joining forces to study the “human impact” of robot cars."

Reading this stuff really makes me realize how slow this will move:

"In the first six months, the PTIO has set its goals to: 1) begin to develop a well-rounded and data-based understanding of the impact and implications of autonomous vehicles on the future of work, 2) solicit the expertise, concerns, and aspirations of a variety of interested parties, and 3) begin to foster awareness of existing and near-term career opportunities for workers during the transition to a new autonomous vehicle-enabled economy."


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