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Uber Select Car Requirements

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 Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

I live in Las Vegas and am looking to upgrade from a Kia Optima to a Kia Cadenza.  I see here on RideGuru that the Cadenza qualifies for UberSelect.  However, Uber's website (link below) does not list the Cadenza as a Select model....but it's a bit nebulous as the drop down menu for Select in the Vegas market says "popular models" as though it was just a guideline and not a definitive list.

Just looking for some clarification on the discrepancy without having to drive to the Hub to ask in person (after waiting in line for 30 minutes).



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     3 years ago

    Hi I have the new Mercedes Benz A class and is not in the list for select cars for Uber cuz is new model , can somebody upgradelist of cars you can drive for select cuz I drive for Uber for 3 years in my cla class but now I’m upgrade car and !!!!! Sorprice!!!!!! Uber not accept my car cuz they no have in the sistem my car model !!!! Please upgrade car the Mercedes Benz A classs is super luxurious I will not drive that in Uber pool

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    75 Driver
     3 years ago

    I drive a Kia Cadenza for select! Not in Vegas but I would think it would be the same?