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Uber select Mercedes Benz A class

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 Posted 4 months ago

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Hi I have the new Mercedes Benz A class and is not in the list of select cars for Uber cuz is new model , can somebody upgradelist of cars you can drive for select cuz I drive for Uber for 3 years in my cla class but now I’m upgrade car and !!!!! Sorprice!!!!!! Uber not accept my car cuz they no have in the sistem my car model !!!! Please upgrade car the Mercedes Benz A classs is super luxurious I will not drive that in Uber pool

mercedes benz a class interior 2019




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    1201 Driver Rider Guru
     4 months ago

    Yes, you would totally be accepted for UberBlack (if the car is literally black) or UberSelect. I wouldn't worry for a second.  (It's luxurious, it has 4-doors and takes 4 passengers.) If you already have the car just submit your application, and they should approve you for it. (After signing up as a driver and it doesn't automatically enable the UberSelect option, make sure to contact Uber!

    The list you see online are not considered to be all inclusive.