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What to do about rising gas prices as an Uber driver? [The Rideshare Guy]

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 Posted 6 years ago

Gas prices have been increasing since the beginning of the year and, for now, show no signs of slowing. However, there is no sign Uber/Lyft are willing to increase commission rates for drivers to offset these increases, so how can drivers handle this cut into their earnings? Senior contributor Jay Cradeur from The Rideshare Guy's website offers some tips on how drivers can save money at the pump and while driving.

Below are the excerpts.  Link to the full article below:

This shows the price of gas over the past year.  This is the average price in the US.  Some areas, like the San Francisco Bay area, have a much higher price.  I am currently paying $3.89 per gallon.

What can you do?

1) Do one extra ride a day

2) Upgrade your car

3) Shop around for the best prices

4) Alter your driving habits...a bit.

5) Earn extra tips


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