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Where do I pick up my Uber at BOS? I assume it's different at each Terminal?

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 Posted 5 years, 12 months ago

The Guru Take


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     5 years ago

    At Terminal C with JetBlue, you get out of baggage terminal, turn right and walk a bunch. Cross over to the first island, and there they are. 

    You feel eel stupid making the walk though. Especially on a cold day. You pretty much walk and wave goodbye to all the taxis first, before getting to the TNC pickup spot. 

    I would think this was designed to hurt the rideshares.

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     3 years ago

    Follow very complex signs, and weather the elements to get there.  You have to walk over curbs, cross roads, and hug walls to get to some, say the one at Terminal C.

    The Terminal B one is now in the parking lot.