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Which cities are the long distance fees available and can be collected by the Uber drivers?

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 Posted 4 years, 1 month ago

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     4 years ago

    I csn tell you they are offerered in Philadelphia. I have received 3. I had more but got to pickup faster than what they predicted because I didnt know any better. Alrhough for the most part they are pretty accurate I just tend to drive fast. The 3 I did receive were under 2.00 but on 4th of July I was bored not many rides got a request for Center City 20 min away  it was a surge I had nothing better to do I took it. Ended up with Surge and 5.79 long pickup fee and 5.00 tip. Got to rider no problem dropped him off had another request 2 blocks away didnt show, called them no answer got cancellation fee also. I lucked out.

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       4 years ago

      I've had a few in Boston, but I believe they were like $12~14.  Yeah, I know.  Pretty big, but I do rememeber I was driving in the suburbs and the trip was like 20 minutes. (I think.)