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Why can’t I see the cars any more?

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2 Driver
 Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

I use to be able to tell before booking a ride if it was even a possibility by how many drivers there were in my area. I can’t see the cars any more. Why is that?


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    38 Rider
     3 years ago

    It might be your slow phone.

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     3 years ago

    Looking at the car icons on your screen isn't a great way to gauge the availability of the drivers, certainly not a good gauge of seeing "how many drivers there are"

    This is because the app only shows five (i think) random drivers nearby regardless of how many there really are. There can be 100 drivers in your neighborhood, and you will still see 5 on the screen. 

    You'd think they'd list "5 closest ones", but they don't really do that either.

    Lastly, when you shoot a request, it can go to any driver that meets some criteria and not necessary to those that are on the map.  They are pretty good about matching you up with a closest one, but they consider for other things, like driver ratings (and yours), how long ago the driver completed a trip, etc.  

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     3 years ago

    Perhaps there are no drivers in your area when you have looked, hence, no cars on the map?