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     3 months ago in  Why can’t I see the cars any more?

    Looking at the car icons on your screen isn't a great way to gauge the availability of the drivers, certainly not a good gauge of seeing "how many drivers there are"

    This is because the app only shows five (i think) random drivers nearby regardless of how many there really are. There can be 100 drivers in your neighborhood, and you will still see 5 on the screen. 

    You'd think they'd list "5 closest ones", but they don't really do that either.

    Lastly, when you shoot a request, it can go to any driver that meets some criteria and not necessary to those that are on the map.  They are pretty good about matching you up with a closest one, but they consider for other things, like driver ratings (and yours), how long ago the driver completed a trip, etc.  

  • Do those things exist anymore? Do younger people even know about them?

  • That dude is a nut. Even for CNBC

  • I wouldn't put it past them for sure.  Their proud proprietary "algorithm" will never be shared outside of the walls, and I am sure it has very shady aspects of it.

  • Lyft has a "Snow Team?"

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     1 year ago in  Do you let your teens use Uber?

    There has to be a business model there with a good revenue upside. A bunch of the parenting circles talk about it in my town (upper-middle school suburbs) and we all whine about how many hours we spend either driving the kids or sitting there during lessons.  AND how much we would pay to regain these hours back. As you may know, being in the 40s, the time is of the most precious, and we all talk about how we'd pay good money for it. 

    Some guys were talking about how we spend 3~4 hours a day on a car. My buddy Tyler says sometimes, it's up to 7 hours on the road. (some of it sitting outside the lessons). That's nuts!

    I do understand we would have to pay more than an UberX. How much does your company charge?

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     2 years ago in  Regulation fees Uber

    In many areas of US, the operator fees are paid to the city or state in order to provide the service.  They aren't on each trip, but more of a flat-fee, say on an annual or monthly fee for operator or livery license and that gets you the right to drive your taxi or Uber.

    In some countries like Canada and UK, the operator must pay taxes on every dollar they make.  They are called GST (Goods and Service Taxes), HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), VAT (Value Added Taxes), etc.  Here's an example:  It's basically a percentage of the revenue you make as an operator.

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     2 years ago in  Is there tipping option and capability for UberEats?

    It's difficult to imagine drivers getting paid that much through this service. 

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     2 years ago in  Welder

    CT to NJ is a long trip, but I am sure there will be drivers to take you. Try searching for "schedule" on this site (RideGuru) and you should see instructions.

  • Maybe they were passengers. lol

    You know...I totally believe it though. People treat Uber like it's something you do to make extra cash in  your free time and merge it into your life. I can see how a mom with kids, looking for income, would want to do that.

    When I think back at the true (original?) spirit rideshares, I start to think perhaps we should embrace those (even with kids) who are just trying to contribute and give people rides to the airport.

    I mean, we have all done that for friends and such.  If my buddy was driving me to the airport and had his kid in the car, I'd totally be okay with it.

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     2 years ago in  Video - Every Uber Ever [Smoth]

    Funnier than I thought...

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     2 years ago in  Philly Uber Riders, look for Driver Ed and Carpool Karaoke

    LOL.  Thanks for this.  That's awesome. People having a fun time is always fun to watch.

    I just saw Trevor Noah and he had a funny bit on how white people love sweet caroline and go absolutely nuts.  I guess I am one of them. LOL

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     2 years ago in  Hurricane Riding compensation

    I just asked a similar question to the guru, but you seem to know the answer.  Seeing your question, is it true that Uber turns off surge for during times like hurricanes?

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     2 years ago in  How to Request Uber or Lyft Without a Smartphone

    Ha!  I used to live in San Bernardino Valley, and while everyone thinks it's part of LA (which it isn't) and urban (which it is), the cell phone has horrible reception in many areas.  I assume that hasn't really changed.  I did own a smartphone, but it was pretty much unusable off of cellular signal on my property.  This was a few years ago but there was Uber, but I never dared to try it.  I also heard from a buddy that he had an incident (in fact, multiple incidents) where the driver dropped him off at his house, but the driver literally couldn't complete the ride in the app. I didn't want to deal with that.

    I have known many people who don't carry smartphones.  I still carry a dumbphone and people laugh at me that I have a "burner phone", but I am proud of it.

    To be honest? I feel like more people seem to have abandoned smartphones in the past few years, because I am starting to run into more and more people.  They aren't technological inept or handicapped.  They all have laptops and ipads at home and work.  They just didn't want to be bothered while in transit, in public, out with family, etc.  Think about you really need to be tethered?

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     2 years ago in  How to Request Uber or Lyft Without a Smartphone

    @NiNi, did you figure this out?  I was looking up how to do it and just saw your message.

    Going to this URL seems to work for me.  I haven't ordered it yet, but it seems to be working.  When does the error display for you?

    Is it still happening?