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Why did Debbie come to my house at 1AM? UberEats

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 Posted 2 months ago

Saw this on my feed.  any theories?

A few days ago, I ordered from a sushi place on their website around 2pm and they outsourced their delivery to UberEats. They sent me a tracking with UberEats but I couldn't actually interact with it or anything. The only thing I knew about the driver is that her name is Debbie.

About 30 minutes pass and I see no updates on my tracking-- don't know if the driver has picked up the food or if she's on her way here. I call the restaurant and they say Debbie picked up the food 20 minutes ago and should be coming soon.

So I wait another 30 minutes, and she definitely should have been here by now, but there's nothing. I call the restaurant again, they send one of their own employees this time for delivery and it's all good, I don't mind. I go on with my day, not thinking much about it.

That is until around 12am when I got some sort of notification saying Debbie is on her way to my house. I thought it was a glitch at first, but at 1am... I get another notification that says she's here at my house, and coincidentally I hear my doorbell ring around the same time.

I didn't leave my room, I was honestly extremely surprised and astonished she would even come. And also slightly scared because I feel like the only people who would come to my house at 1am are serial killers. Anyhow, at some point, she left, and I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up and there was my original order on the front porch. I figure this probably wasn't a new UberEats driver, because the sushi place closed at 8pm and they wouldn't have been able to pick it up . . .

But... why? Just why? Why did Debbie come to my house at 1am? Wtf lol?

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