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11 percent of restaurant orders will be delivery...soon. UberEats anyone?

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 Posted 6 years, 2 months ago

Everyone makes fun of UberEats and DoorDash, but...

"The stakes are high. By 2022, 11 percent of U.S. restaurant sales are expected to come from delivery orders, up from an estimated 6 percent last year, according to Morgan Stanley Research. That would equate to a $32 billion market opportunity within four years."



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     6 years ago

    We still have to consider how much VC cash is keeping all the delivery apps afloat. Do any of the food delivery apps make money yet? I'm not sure. That said, as a consumer I love using Ubereats but I hate driving for it.

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     5 years ago

    This is my most popular post on RideGuru regarding my honest opinion about UberEats.

    Imagine the steps it takes.

    • You see the request comes up.  You accept.
    • You drive to the restaurant.
    • You find a parking spot.
    • You walk inside the restaurant.
    • You wait until the hostess can approach you.
    • You wait until the food comes out.  
    • You walk back to the car.
    • You drive to your destination.<-------------------The time you make money.
    • You arrive then look for a parking spot.
    • You walk to the address.
    • You knock and wait at the door.
    • You hand over the food

    Tell me how this is worth it.


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     6 years ago

    up from the current 6.  So the market doubles. I guess that's a lot.  Is that high stakes? I don't know.

    How would DoorDash ever compete with Uber who already has the drivers? 

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     6 years ago

    who is making fun of UberEats?

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     6 years ago

    That figure needs to be qualified.  Does it count fast foods where the highest volume of orders occur?  

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       6 years ago

      It already is.  McDonald's aren't restaurants.  I guess they do serve food. and has a place to sit.

      but they don't bring food to the table.