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RideGuru City Spotlight of the Week:


An area committed to the arts, Austin is one of the most happening places in the world right now.  The city is known for its lively and renowned music scene (one can hardly walk down the street without hearing live music from a dozen different local bars and restaurants), but the city has so much more to offer! 

Residents of Austin display the city's independent spirit - which is also displayed within the ride sharing scene in town.  The city is buzzing with entrepreneurs as well as flourishing technology, engineering, and healthcare industries.  Add in 50,000+ students from the University of Texas at Austin and other surrounding colleges, a beautiful lake running through the city, and beautiful sunshine year round - and you find yourself in a one of a kind location with no shortness of excitement.

Hear from an Austin Rideshare Driver!

Top Places to Eat in Austin: I think Andiamo has some of the best Italian food I have ever tasted. I also always love El Meson for my breakfast taco fix.

Austin’s Best Kept Secret: The view from the top of HOPE gallery! Simply the best.

Best Austin Locations to Order a Rideshare: Driver's are always camped out on or near 6th street so if you need a ride quickly, try hailing one from here and you will get a ride in seconds.

Best place to see a show: Stubb's BBQ! Great place to catch a show and the BBQ is always smokin good.

Greg is a Fasten driver in the city of Austin. Though he was originally born in New Jersey, he now considers himself a true local to Austin and thanks Fasten for helping him to learn the city inside out. 

What's Up with Rideshares in Austin?

*UPDATE: As of May 29th, 2017 Uber and Lyft resumed operations in Austin, the same day Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a bill deregulating ride-hailing services. Less than 2 weeks later Fare announced they were shutting down operations and RideAustin shared with the public that within a week of Uber and Lyft returning they noticed a 36 percent decline in requested rides. For more information visit this article.

Amid much controversy regarding regulations, specifically a new law requiring stricter background checks on drivers, Uber and Lyft both decided to pull out of Austin in May of 2016. While at first many tourists and locals were upset by this decision, a few companies saw an opportunity and created local rideshare companies that would pass Austin's new laws. Now Austin has a variety of rideshare companies to choose from and many feel that these local companies provide a level of safety that Uber and Lyft were never able to provide. 

Some of the top companies operating in Austin right now are InstaRyde, RideAustin, Fasten, Fare, Wingz, and Curb. Most of these companies even offer a variety of services so travelers in Austin can choose if they want an economy vehicle, SUV, or luxury car to accomodate their needs. Click here to view all rideshare companies and services currently in Austin.


Did You Know?

You have most likely heard about the 1.5 million bats that call the Congress National Bridge in Austin home but did you know that these bats collectively eat between 10,000 to 20,000 pounds of insects every night! 

Austin is one of the sunniest cities in the U.S., getting on average around 300 glorious days a year!

Love Whole Foods? Thank the city of Austin for your natural food store as that is where Whole Foods started out in 1978.

Thinking about moving to Austin? Your not alone, Austin on average doubles its population every 20 years.

Austin is sometimes nicknamed the "Violet Crown City", the nickname stems from a purple-ish light that can be seen over the hills during the winter season.

Craving a bite on the run? Austin has close to 2,000 food trucks lining its streets!

Austin welcomes more than 20 million tourists each year. That is more than Disneyland rakes in at around 16 million per year.

Austin is not the city of champions for a reason. Austin is currently the most populous city in the United States without a major league professional sports team to call their own.