How many Uber drivers are out there?

Posted by: RideGuru Team Aug 25, 2016
Updated Jan 16, 2020

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How Many Uber Drivers Are Out There

Here at RideGuru, we love all things travel. So when Uber released nerver-before-seen internal data, we jumped on it. This graph shows the top ten cities in the United States with the most Uber drivers at the end of 2015. As Uber continues to grow and diversity it's not surprising the number of drivers and riders has grown substantially each month!

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Los Angeles: 21,000 Uber Drivers

San Francisco: 17,000 Uber Drivers

New York City: 16,500 Uber Drivers

Chicago: 13,500 Uber Drivers

Washington DC: 12,500 Uber Drivers

Boston: 10,000 Uber Drivers

Miami: 7,000 Uber Drivers

Atlanta: 5,200 Uber Drivers

Orange County: 5,000 Uber Drivers

Dallas: 4,700 Uber Drivers

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    1202 Rider Driver Guru
     7 years ago

    I heard in 2015, there were 160,000 Uber drivers around the world.

    It somewhat pales in comparison compared to GoJek at 200K and Didi at 1~2 million.