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Half the population cannot stay loyal to a single rideshare company, and here's why. [Infographic]

Posted by: RideGuru in Infographics , Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 2 hours, 38 minutes ago
Why do riders switch rideshare companies?

In a short survey organized on our site, respondents shared their reasons for making a rideshare company switch as well as their opinions on the trustworthiness of drivers and rideshare corporations. As it turns out 50% of the population has indeed made a rideshare company switch with the top reason being rideshare costs. As rideshare drivers can attest, rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, have been in direct competition over the past couple of years in regards to offering the lowest fares. While this is beneficial to travelers, many drivers have been frustrated ...

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10 Best Cities to Explore via Electric Scooters in 2019

Posted by: RideGuru in Rider Community , Rideshare Knowledge 1 week, 3 days ago

Earlier this year, scooters started converging in major Urban centers on the west coast and quickly started rippling throughout the country. Now scooter companies operate in over 65 cities in the U.S.

It makes sense, on the rider side there is an entire generation of new commuters who grew up rolling around on Razor Scooters. Getting around on two wheels is already comfortable for them, so an easy to use app that let’s you rent a scooter for pennies and can get you to work without breaking a sweat is a no brainer start-up idea.

However, in the ...

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How Uber and Lyft are Making it Harder for Airports to Make Money

Posted by: RideGuru in Rideshare Knowledge 2 weeks, 1 day ago

It’s no secret that Uber and Lyft have changed the way people travel. It has become the most convenient and reliable method of transportation (at least compared to public transit), and can be an ecofriendly alternative to owning a personal vehicle.

This shift in usage has had an impact on many things – including increasing traffic congestion in cities, the restaurant business, and more. Another line of business being impacted by on-demand rideshares are airports.

Airports get a lot of their revenue from airlines that they support, but they also receive a large amount of revenue through the rental car ...

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The 7 Worst U.S. Airports for Uber and Lyft (and tricks on how to find your ride!)

Posted by: RideGuru in Rideshare Knowledge , Travel/Wanderlust 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Rideshares have become a main staple in our transportation economy over the last few years and we tend to take them for granted. Most of the time it is easy to hail an Uber or Lyft, simply pull out your phone, tap a couple of buttons, and voila you have a personal driver at your command. However, some airports have been slow to adopt rideshares, forcing travelers to pay exorbitant fees or walk over 15 minutes to a parking garage.

The Ride Gurus have rounded up the worst U.S. airports for rideshare transportation and while we cannot fix the ...

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Should Rideshares be Regulated?

Posted by: RideGuru in Driver Community , Infographics , Rider Community 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Rideshare regulation is a hot topic right now with cities (NYC, we are looking at you!) trying to figure out the best course of action for regulating (or not regulating) rideshares such as Uber and Lyft. The debate is fierce with Uber stating that rideshare regulation will only hurt the marketplace and drive prices up for riders while others love that regulating rideshares might actually be a solution to the increasing traffic congestion over recent years.

With the recent news surrounding NYC regulating rideshares, we asked respondents in a recent survey if they agreed or disagreed with cities who want ...

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