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  • ...that I treat them and TacoBell orders exactly the same way.

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     4 years ago in  What are ways Uber drivers make money besides driving?

    Isn’t the idea that we need to try to boost the $0.60 a mile by whatever it takes? :)

  • It's always the people who start with "My friend..." because it always ends in:

    - coming.  She's still getting ready inside. Can we wait?"

    - ...needs to be picked up.  Can we go grab her, I can show you where to go."

  • 20,000 RIDES?!

    Lyft set aside 5% of the shares for directors and some employees as well as for drivers who as of February have completed 10,000 rides on its platform or are serving or served on a driver advisory council. The company also will pay cash bonuses to those long-standing drivers, including $10,000 for those who completed at least 20,000 rides.

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     4 years ago in  Uber Instant pay not working. Anyone hsving trouble?

    Working fine for me. but it breaks all the time so I am used to it.

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     4 years ago in  Would You Settle With Uber For $0.11 A Mile?

    I haven't heard anything. Shouldn't everyone be contacted? I've been driving for years

  • yes, we all have.

  • Travis as a founder of Uber had a dream of making rideshares be for everyone. He made gig-economy a thing. You work when you want to, you pay what you want to, and the rest will be taken care of by economics and community. He created a concept and an app that was easy to use, and made it accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

    Dara? Just another big company executive who is about money money money. It really shows, and it is very sad.

    So, yeah, drivers and others who believed in the concept of rideshares and its gig-economy idealism, we really don't like Dara and we wish it was back under Travis' realm. Sure he had his own issues and he did questionable things against opposing forces (like competition and regulations), but at least his goal was noble and it aligned better with those that were originally involved. (including the drivers.

  • This is an excellent tip.

    "Tip more if you get off somewhere where they're unlikely to find a customer."

    ...but... this basically speaks to when the driver has to take on the expense (out of pocket) to continue working.  It can be applied to so many other situations when it's rideshares.  


    - "Tip more if your trip is shorter than 10 minutes or 2 miles...lazy bum."

    - "You make the driver wait more than a few minutes on the curb."

  • This is the Ride Pass, right? "For $14.99 a month, riders get flat, heavily discounted fares that can save them 15 percent on travel"

    It is a bit weird how you have to pay for a discounted rate. Really bizarre.

  • Yeah pretty much. there's more to it though. for example, once i pick up a user on one app, i have to disable (or go offline) on others. it's a pain.

  • Is Phladbed for renting a truck or ordering movers?  or both?  Slightly confused. 

    If it's Uber like, I assume it's on-demand. I click the button and someone comes to the door.  Is it a truck that appears or is it a truck and a team that appears?

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     5 years ago in  Mileage tracker

    cool. thanks for sharing.

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     5 years ago in  As a ride share driver, what is your worst nightmare?

    Being thrown up on my back.

  • but we all pay taxes. Even those who are employed

    and some of us who are self-employed pay all those things.

    the problem here is that it just pays too little. admittedly uber and lyft do a good job advertising only the pre-expense figures.  

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     5 years ago in  How long are Uber drivers willing to wait if I asked?

    Oooh, I love passenger questions. I love the naivity of them. Also the fact that they're usually from those who care and how genuinei they are.

    Just like anything else, just be thoughtful of the position of the driver.  We don't make nearly as much when we are waiting for you.  We want to be driving!  If it's a busy night, we have others we can be driving.  Don't make us wait at all!

    Then the opposite is true when it's not busy.  We make more money while waiting for you than when we are waiting for requests. So, ,those slow times?  Sure, I will wait for you outside of Starbucks, in front of your girlfriend's house, wherever. :)

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     5 years ago in  The revised Uber Surge System

    Boston.  I've been trying to track this myself, but I have a mixed feeling about it.  Some of the changes Uber proposed sounded promising (e.g. longer surge times, if you leave the area it sticks with you, etc), but I don't really see any material changes and benefits on a daily run.

    Also, this may just be me, but I am seeing surge areas that are localized and super tiny.  I also noticed that the surge disappeared completely in areas I used to see it like at Hanscom (local airport) and during rush hour traffic.  The areas are so tiny that even if I am relatively close to it, they made pretty much impossible to chase it.

    I feel like Uber is rearranging the surge areas more intentionally than before.  I feel like before, the marks were placed where it was busy, like when there were a lot of riders.  but now?  I feel like they are ust being placed on random locations to shift us drivers around.

    For example, I noticed that surge appears in places where I know it isn't busy and there aren't many riders.  I suspected they do this because there are too many drivers congregated in certain areas nearby, and they pop up a surge nearby to break us up.

    Am I crazy?  No, you can't call me crazy when dealing with Uber.  You can't pass anything by them.

  • Mine has been gone since September 19th.

    I have been fighting this battle for several months now where the estimated pickup time has been disappearing on my app. I have called Lyft multiple times and heard so many excuses and stories around this topic. I don't have the true answer per se, but I will share what I know.

    I believe all drivers are used to seeing the "Estimated Pickup Time" in minutes. Not distance but minutes. Then earlier this year, limited drivers started seeing the estimates gone from their pings. Many decided to accept the trip but then cancel if they don't like it.

    No one could figure out why these drivers were singled out because some never had issues.  Speculated reasons were:

    • Phased rollout of a new feature.
    • Glitch in some versions of the software. (Android or iOS)
    • Test rollout in certain geographical markets.
    • Disappears only for drivers with low acceptance rates
    • Disappears for trips that have long estimated rides (but drivers don't know) 
    • ...or combination of the above

    None of those speculations were completely accurate. Now that it's been a few months of appearing and disappeaing, I am convinced it's Lyft just experimenting on drivers.

    I contacted Lyft support multiple times and each time, I got a noncommital response. When I first called in May, I got this inexperienced rep on the line, who claimed it was a glitch (an isolated case) and walked me through uninstalling the app and installing a new one. Didn't help.

    I called once in August, and that time I got a seemingly veteran senior rep, and he told me they were running tests for selected markets and drivers. He was careful to phrase it but he basically told me they were testing drivers to see how we would respond to trips where the pickups weren't shown. They had trouble with acceptance rates, and they wanted a way to improve it.

    Then he assured me two things. 1) They plan to conclude the test in October/November timeframe and 2) The trips where I don't see the pickup times should always be under 5 minutes.

    Neither were true.  I got my estimates back a few weeks later.  

    Now it's gone again. LOL.  I give up.