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How long are Uber drivers willing to wait if I asked?

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 Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

Are mall and restaurant stops ok?

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    40 Driver
     2 years ago

    Oooh, I love passenger questions. I love the naivity of them. Also the fact that they're usually from those who care and how genuinei they are.

    Just like anything else, just be thoughtful of the position of the driver.  We don't make nearly as much when we are waiting for you.  We want to be driving!  If it's a busy night, we have others we can be driving.  Don't make us wait at all!

    Then the opposite is true when it's not busy.  We make more money while waiting for you than when we are waiting for requests. So, ,those slow times?  Sure, I will wait for you outside of Starbucks, in front of your girlfriend's house, wherever. :)

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    29 Rider
     2 years ago

    This was with a taxicab once. Those days when we used to pay by cahs.

    I once had to make a quick stop at the ATM, yes, ATM of all places. I wanted the driver to wait, so I got out and even tipped him a $20. I didn't want him to peel off with my stuff, so I took my roller bag and walked over to the ATM.  Then he peeled off anyways.

    In hindsight, of course he would.  He got to keep the $20 and probably went off to find another fare without waiting. 

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    259 Driver
     2 years ago

    This depends on how busy it is. If it's a busy period and there are surges, trust me, I am outta there!  Sorry, I am not in it to make pennies just sitting around.

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     2 years ago

    cool, this is +1 for Uber.