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Half of U.S. Uber drivers make less than $10 an hour after vehicle expenses

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1975 Rider
 Posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago

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"They would make more at an Amazon warehouse."

Ouch.  Is this the answer we expected to the question, how much do Uber drivers make?


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    64 Driver
     11 months ago

    Yep, this is why we complain that we are actually losing money once you factor in taxes and gas and maintaince and insurance, and so on.

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      29 Driver
       11 months ago

      but we all pay taxes. Even those who are employed

      and some of us who are self-employed pay all those things.

      the problem here is that it just pays too little. admittedly uber and lyft do a good job advertising only the pre-expense figures.  

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    156 Rider Driver
     11 months ago

    Raise you hand if you already knew this!!

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     11 months ago

    This is right after Amazon announced they are raising minimum wage to $15.