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Airbus On-Demand Helicopters (really, big drones) - Kitty Hawk Flyer

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 Posted 11 months ago

Sooooo want one.

Video: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-28/airbus-steps-up-push-for-flying-taxis-on-demand-helicopters


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    99 Rider
     11 months ago

    Something really don't want to ride this thing.  i know helcopters already exist, but no, I don't want to ride them either.  just don't trust it.

    and with no driver to operate it?  GOsh, that is just too scary for me. I hope this future doesn't come too soon.

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       11 months ago

      That's hilarious.  So you will someday become that person who has a fear no one else in the room does.  ...and you are bracing for it.  too funny.

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     11 months ago

    so it leaves the wheels behind?  THey haven't really thought this through, have they?

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       11 months ago

      hahaha, true.  just bandoned wheels everywhere.  

      Yeah, I actually don't get it either.  Sure, they want to fly without the weight of those wheels.  Sure, maybe they can be amphibious  but what would they do on the other end?  Just prepare more wheels?  That'll just limit where this can land.