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Baby, no car seat... deactivated.

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 Posted 2 years, 4 months ago

I was deactivated from Lyft.  I showed up to a hotel and had a woman approach my car with an infant and no car seat.  I asked her if she had a car seat and she became very hostile with me, so I canceled the ride.  My Lyft acceptance rate was 94%, Cancellation rate was 0%, rating was 4.96.  Later that day my account was deactivated.  The claim was that I refused a ride due to ethnicity.  I had no dashcam at the time.  I have one now for this potential on Uber rides.  However, I went back to the hotel, and they were nice enough to provide me video of her walking through their lobby carrying a baby and no car seat.  I sent this video to Lyft and they have ignored me and will not reactivate me.

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