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Carpool Karaoke comes to a car near you. Drivers you want to liven up your riders experience?

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 Posted 3 years, 5 months ago

Microphone that runs off bluetooth in your car. The fun can start in your car and it doesn't have to end after you leave a nightclub, bar, or party. Uber and/or Lyft drivers get your free karaoke microphone ($60 value). Not only do you get free mic you can sign up for your personal code. Anyone who purchases a microphone and uses your code they will receive 10% off their purchase. Wait! That's not all you will receive $10 for every mic sold. My mic should be here this week. I will post my experiences on any trips that my riders use it on. Most important I will let you know if it brought me any extra tips. Perfect idea for those bar drop offs and pick ups. Will be great to use in big college towns. I drove Thursday night picking up college kids from a popular hot spot in NJ. I polled 7 riders (trips) all said it was a great idea and they would love that. A few said they would definately tip for it. Do we believe that or is just like "I'll tip you in the app"? Lol 


Any issues or questions you can email Chris @

[email protected]

Sign up for their affiliate co to get your code


If anyone is not a driver but wants 10% off to purchase a mic my code is "monicaparty"

THANKS uberSerge for posting this earlier in the week. When I emailed Chris on Thursday I told him how I found out about the mic. Unfortunately referring drivers dont make us any money:)  Oh well this shoukd be fun anyway. I usually have fun on bar drop offs and pick ups. I stopped them for awhile but after the surges I had Thursday night (3 big colleges in that area)i think I am going to start doing them again.  However my rating will probably drop a little:) Drunk riders shoukdnt be allowed to rate us. Lol 

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