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Caraoke - No Thank You!

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 Posted 4 months ago

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Why is putting Karaoke in cars becoming such a trend? I do not want to be forced to sing my way to my destination nor so I want to listen to random pool passengers screaming their lungs out in a small enclosed space. Can we please just stop this terrible trend?



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    1556 Rider Driver
     4 months ago

    Although it could be fun at times, I don't like the concept of passengers expecting an Uber ride, especially at the X level, to involve anything more than a safe, clean car and a safe driver that's paying attention to the ROAD and not being distracted by events in the car, especially if the driver has to control the karoke machine.  That's no different than using your phone - it's all a distraction.

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    111 Rider
     3 months ago

    Why do people think "CARAOKE" is so clever. Please don't make it a thing.

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    4 Rider Driver
     4 months ago

    LOL. Whatever floats yer boat, but don't expect a machine in my car. I'm way to busy getting you to your destination in decent time and safely. Sing all you want, but don't expect a Mic from me.

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     4 months ago

    LOL just tell the driver no, it is not like you are FORCED to sing.

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    213 Rider Driver
     4 months ago

    Instead of Caraoke what about a mini slot machine lol - is that illegal?

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    56 Rider
     4 months ago

    You just apparently don't know how to have any fun! Let loose once in a while, you might surprise yourself.

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     4 months ago

    Yes, I completely agree with this. Two Saint Patrick's days ago I was handed a microphone to sing in this ladies Uber. Not only was it mad awkward but dangerous as she was trying to work the karaoke machine and drive at the same time. I didn't tip.