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Devastating Story - please be safe drivers!

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70 Rider Driver
 Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

How many of you feel uncomfortable or unsafe driving right now but have no other choice due to financial instability?



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    431 Driver Driver Rider
     3 days ago

    The risk is greater then the benefit and it's not just about Covid but also the violence we have witnessed. A white driver was beaten in the Bronx because of his color and he wasn't a spring chicken to defend himself. 

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    1 Rider
     1 week ago

    if you can avoid driving, please do. I hate hearing stories like this, that seem so easy to avoid, especially for people who are elderly or high risk by nature. i understand many people are doing it to make ends meet, and i feel for those people! it's a tough time. would recommend applying for unemployment to at least get something. 

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    26 Driver
     1 week ago

    I hate driving right now but have to in order to make ends meet, its a sucky time.

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    521 Driver Rider
     1 week ago

    Oof. Horrible. Stay safe everyone 😞

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    171 Driver
     1 week ago

    Very sad. My condolences and thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends and riders!  Good Luck To All!