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Driver tip: Uber won't pay you surges if they can help it.

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 Posted 4 months ago

It will cost you!

I was out last night while it was snowing - $7-$10 surges everywhere.  I wouldn't have gone out in the snow otherwise.

I accepted the first trip with a $10 surge then picked up the passenger.  I immediately got offered lots of new trips, either with $1 extra or regular fare. I ignored them, dropped off the passenger and saw the $7 surge was still going. Same thing happened, so for the rest of the night I hit the break button along with the trip start slider.  No annoying trip offers (bonus) and it didn't hurt my acceptance rate (for those of you who care - mine is sub 40% all the time).

So if it isn't obvious, Uber is charging the surge and not passing it along to the driver where it can.  Don't let them.  

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