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Event approach drive time

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 Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

I am new to the Lyft system. Lately I have been taking passengers to venues but having to wait in very long and slow lines to reach the drop off points. It is clear that waiting time is not included in the fair that I'm receiving. The Rose Bowl event in Pasadena two nights ago required 30 minutes to arrive at the Lyft Uber drop off parking lot. Lyft automatically dropped these passengers into my queue without asking me. It was up to me to ask the rider if they were Rosebowl bound, and if so to inform them that they were going to have to sit in the car for a very long time before arriving at the event. I only received the typical minimum fare for these drives as they were only coming from a mile away or less. Why is Lyft not taking this into consideration?


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    36 Rider
     3 years ago

    Strange, I though Uber/Lyft would update the fee for journeys that took longer than expected. Have you contacted Lyft? I am curious as to what they would say