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How I successfully combined Uber and Amazon Flex Deliveries

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 Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

I am an Uber driver and I combine it with Amazon Flex deliveries. I am based in Chicago. I have being doing Uber for 2 years and decided to add a second income as Uber became more challenging. I settled for Amazon Flex. I signed up for Amazon Flex in November but Chicago wasn't among available cities. I had to join the waiting list. I heard people join the waiting list and wait for over a year in some cases without any response. I couldn't wait for such a long time. I had to do something from traditional business. "Befriend Insiders"

I went to Linkedin and started connecting with people from Amazon. People in recruitment or logistics. I connected with a lot of them until I got a response. He was in Logistics. He assisted me to find an opening. Flex drivers that were recently dropped in the Chicago area for non-performance and recommended me to take their shifts. I got approved on Amazon Flex a week after joining the waiting list.

Now, I do a 4 hour shift daily for Amazon flex and Uber the rest of the day. If you want to add Flex deliveries to Uber and your city isn't available, you can use my method. Befriend insiders. I would have share the contact of the person who assisted me but this is a public forum and I should protect his privacy. If you need assistance, you should pm me.


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     3 years ago

    Interesting post. You genuinely just trying to help this community? How much do you make on flex?