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I found drugs in my car left by a pax? What do I do?

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 Posted 1 month ago

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We're starting to hear about this happening more and more. A lot of the drivers LegalRideshare works with have said this happened on more than one occasion. Both Uber and Lyft have platforms to report these issues and promise to work with law enforcement. CBS Chicago interviewed us the other to talk about it. 

Basically it comes down to:

  1. Take pics of the substances
  2. Submit a request immediately
  3. Go to the Uber or Lyft hub for a follow-up. 
  4. If you don't hear back, be persistent. At the very least they should offer a "cleanup" fee if the substances are on the floor.  
  5. If anything escalates beyond that, contact LegalRideshare


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     1 month ago

    I was going to say smoke it but all kidding aside, dump them unless the rider was a gang member, they may come looking for the merchandise. 😆