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Thoughts on Recording Passengers?

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 Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago

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A few months ago ABC News interviewed LegalRideshare's Bryant Greening about the case where the driver was livestreaming his passengers. The argument typically goes for the drivers, stating it's not a public place and many states don't require you to tell the passenger you're recording. Thoughts? 



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    133 Rider
     6 months ago

    I am feeling queasy and carsick watching this video. I actually sense that the guys are too.  Anyone see it? LOL

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       6 months ago

      I am sure it sounded like a great idea when they started it.

      I have seen this type of interview, but usually one is driving. I don't know but that seems to work better. How much you wanna bet that this is a real Uber...or just some dude's car.Hollywood, baby

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    46 Driver
     6 months ago

    Webcam is pretty much a must for every driver. Recording what happens is a requirement to protect ourselves. 

    Personal car, independent contractor, obvious camera in plain sight. I don’t wanna hear it. 

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     6 months ago

    The driver's vehicles are private properties. They are not public transportation like buses and taxis.

    The expectation of privacy needs to be thrown out. The drivers can record what happens in their private cars, and if they don't like, they can step out.

    We are independent contractor. I find it infuriating that Uber is trying to dictate what we can and cannot do in our own cars.

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     6 months ago

    "Uber driver sparks concern" is pretty much how every Uber article starts.