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If I'm riding alone in the front seat of an Uber, can I sit in the front seat?

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cheryl s
 Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

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Sometimes I get motion sickness sitting in the backseat of a car so being up front helps that. Would my Uber driver be disturbed if I sat in the front seat, like taking over his personal space? Also, I don't want my driver getting the wrong idea if it's a male.

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    419 Rider Driver Driver
     4 months ago

    NO NO NO 

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    uber driver texas
     1 year ago

    as a driver i personally wouldn't mind. having conversations sometime is nice. don't just sit there on your phone though

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     1 year ago

    If you are already sitting in the front seat of the car, sure, I guess you can sit in the front seat.

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    9 Rider
     1 year ago

    it depends if the driver will have conversation with you, i've had some talkative drivers and others who just want to get me where i need to go and that's it

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      jessica li
       1 year ago

      one time i had a driver who seemed insulted that i didn't sit in the front seat when it was just me - it always depends on the driver!

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    LA Girl!
     1 year ago

    idk if i would want to sit in the front seat like that. it makes the rider/passenger relationship a little difficult since you're making things awkard for both of you