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If it's only me do I pay the same price as if there were 4 riders?

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 Posted 5 years, 8 months ago

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     5 years ago

    Hello.  This is unexpected,  So helpful, too... the site, and the information.  I really have to verify:  Am ONE person.  Am one person planning to use for example Lyft, to get to and from two locations in Brooksville, Florida.   The price quoted is much less expensive than using a taxi.  How could the driver earn - perhaps it is in the tip that I would want to give.  In Honolulu adn trying to guage what I would do if I move to Brooksville - to travel back and forth in the event that I am not biking on a particular occasion to the same place within Brooksville from where plan to live.  I will bookmark this site.  Thank you!