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Lyft started paying the driver as soon as the ride is accepted

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1279 Rider Driver
 Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago

This will be good for drivers in rural areas and long pickups but in major cities it's a killer since it came with a 50% CUT IN MILEAGE RATES!




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    8153 Rider Driver
     6 months ago

    Lyft is as despicable as Uber and Dara. They put it out there like they are helping drivers by giving them extra money to go pick riders up. In the end of the email the axe falls. Sounds like big brother Uber. Lyft always copying Uber. Cant they come up with anything on their own. They were paying drivers in gift cards to send in screenshots of the promotions, bonuses, and quest. They had driver do weekly surveys for these gift cards. These companies will lie, cheat, steal, and pay off whoever they can to get what they want. Bet they would sell out their immediate family members if it woukd benefit them. 

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    521 Driver Rider
     6 months ago

    Kind of an interesting move on lyfts part. Def don't like it but like you said people in smaller markets should love it.

    I was also surprised by the stat on 91% of drivers being <20 hrs/wk. Would have guessed maybe 50-60%.

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      OP 1279 Rider Driver
       6 months ago

      80-85% are part timers who do 20% of the rides, 20% full timers do 80% of the rides.