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Do Uber drivers get paid for making multiple stops

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 Posted 6 years, 2 months ago

The Guru Take


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     3 years ago

    Drivers do not take 80% of the fair... I get 40-50% on average!

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     3 years ago

    Uber takes more like 40%, and even as much as 70% of smaller rides

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     5 years ago

    Totally false. Most new drivers split the fare 75/25 not 80/20. Given the driver churn, there are few still getting 80. Plus, the first $2-3 goes directly to uber. 

    I am totally suprised to see this misinformation on a post dated 2018. 

    1. P. S. With up front pricing, uber often add 10-40%  to fares. Partly to cover potential overruns by drivers, but also because "we think the rider will pay it" thus, riders may be paying surge pricing when drivers are not getting it. 
    2. Now, back to the asked question. Drivers make very little. The per minute rate is 7-20 cents a minute.  The same as when driving, but no miles while stopped. At 10 cents a minute, the driver is only getting $6/hour pre tax.