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Lyft won't play in B.C., complaining about fairness and tough regulations.

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 Posted 4 months, 1 week ago

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Lyft's operating chief in Canada says Lyft will stay out of B.C. because the government rules are too strict and protect the taxi industry. 

Look who's calling the kettle black, get over it Mr. Zifkin, playing by the rules doesn't sit well with you. This his his quote: "By putting in a Class 4 regulatory regime, we're not going to have the number of drivers or the type of drivers that are critical to making these marketplaces work," said Zifkin. 

What type of driver were you looking for? The kind in the U.S.? Admitting that if they can't oversaturate the market with desperate drivers, they don't want to be in business. What a crock!


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