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Mobile Phone Mounting and Charging Solutions

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 Posted 2 years, 4 months ago

Arkon mounts make high quality mounting and charging solutions that are really great when running around on the roads as a delivery driver. Some products are highlighted below that are particularly suited to your needs.

Motorbike and Bicycle Mounts - 

    RVMC2B - handlebar mounts for bike bars up to 31.75mm with roadvise clamp

    SM434 - strap style mount with mega grip phone holder, includes extra retaining strap for device security.

    CA-DHWK - an easy to install 12v socket with inline fuse and weather cap to keep things protected when not in use.


Car mounts - 

MAG157 -Magnetic phone mount secures phones without using a cell phone holder. Includes an extra support leg to keep your phone at an optimal viewing angle. High quality magnets also ensure your phone stays in place over the harshest of speed bumps.


RV179 - Using the same high quality magnetic mounts as the above product this one uses a suction cup base and can be fitted to either the dash or windscreen.


Charging and Cables - Quick Connect

Sick of constantly plugging and unplugging your phone from the car charger? Is wireless charging too slow to keep up with demanding delivery apps and GPS usage? If thats the case then check out the 2 products below that will answer your prayers.  

A high quality quick connect and disconnect solution that supports fast charging while keeping your devices charge port full and protected from dust.

CAMAG1L and CAMAG1C - quick connect charge cable for lightning and usb c devices



CLA40405 - A hard to find gem, a real 10A charger with both USB-C PD and QC support. This charging beast will provide a 50% charge in under 30mins for most smartphones and has no problem filling the battery even while using resource hungry apps and GPS.

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