Uber Creates New Business Line: Uber Health

Posted by: RideGuru Team Mar 04, 2018
Updated Jan 16, 2020


uber health

Uber launched a new business line last week called Uber Health that will accommodate healthcare providers, hospitals, and rehab centers. Uber Health is a completely new business line that operates on a dashboard separate from the Uber app. The service helps patients and clients get rides when it matters: to get to and from medical-related appointments.

The business aims to fill the gap that currently exists in America where people struggle to find transportation to important medical appointments. Millions of Americans miss appointments every year due to not finding adequate transportation.

Uber is investigating how they can advance into the healthcare space with this new initiative. Clinics can easily book rides on their client’s behalf by entering their information through a web dashboard and choosing the ride option. The client doesn’t even need a smartphone – all they need is a phone number to get the driver information of who the driver is, when they are arriving, and where they will be picked up.

All of the data collected about clients will not be stored on Uber’s server, and it will stay confidential between the healthcare providers. Uber will make money by charging healthcare organizations on the individual ride basis. The riders are priced the same as Uber’s direct-to-consumer pricing. The Uber Health software can easily be built into the client management systems of their healthcare partners.

Uber wants people to know Uber Health should not be a replacement for emergency vehicles and ambulances – rather, it is a way for clients to safely be transported to and from their medical appoints.


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