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New Lyft Lawsuit - It accuses the ridesharing firm of hiding its real cut of the fare.

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 Posted 4 years, 3 months ago

"A newly filed class action suit from California resident Fernando Villaseñor alleges that Lyft played tricks with fare distribution to misrepresent the drivers' share and unfairly pour their lost income back into the company. Villaseñor's attorney, Larry Peluso, asserted that Lyft performed "sleight-of-hand" by setting fares relative to average taxi prices without letting drivers know what those taxi rates were. The drivers may have thought Lyft was taking a 20 percent cut when it was actually taking 43 percent."



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     4 years ago

    How do we join in on this - I have known about this for a long time, ever since I gave my friend a ride and the numbers didn't add up.

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     4 years ago

    Doesnt Uber do this too?

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    224 Driver
     4 years ago

    Didn't they JUST release a new way to display the payment info to the drivers?  Just read it yesterday on RSG.

    "Lyft Plans to Reveal More Payment Info to Drivers

    Lyft is testing a new earnings screen that will allow drivers to view the full information of who-got-what in each fare. This will be similar to how Uber displays the “full deal” in each fare and will allow for drivers to see how much Lyft took (or lost) on each ride:"