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  • What kind of rideshare drivers do security transfers?

    Also, why do I need a partition for children? LOL

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     2 months ago in  Can a parent order Uber or Lyft for a teenager? My kids?

    SilviaSilvia gave me an idea. Dude, if you see a girl needs a safe transportation, just cancel the ride and turn off the Uber app. 

    Just drive her as a Samaritan (e.g. just a normal person), and you are all set.  You are allowed to drive a person with his or her consent.  and maybe seek for payment in cash at the destination or something. I feel like there is a way around this. 

  • Your drivers were correct. I think many drivers have turned on Dara pretty quickly for a few reasons. Dara has emphasized on customer service as part of improving the image of the company.  This sounds noble but he did this with the sacrifice of the drivers. 

    Our pay has gone down and surges are no longer as reliable. It is as difficult as ever o know how much we are making or about to make. So many games and "incentives" and all of that. 

    I miss the days where I basically knew by the miles driven how much I was able to make.

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     3 months ago in  New Years Resolution for Uber/Lyft Riders! What if????

    7 out 8 is phenomenal. That's a pre-Christmas level.  Averaging a proud 50% in 2018.

  • "I will tip you from the app. 5 stars." This is usually a red flag that you won't tip.  It's basically asking that we rate you 5-stars, and it ticks the drivers off.

  • Right, but the barf bag is for your car protection not to raise ratings or make more money. 

    I grabbed a couple from a flight once. Keep it in the car. 

    BTW, it's surprising to me that this is what we drivers need to worry about and deal with. Do people in the real world, say driving in their own cars or whatever, really puke this often?

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     6 months ago in  Does it make sense to buy a (used) car for Uber?

    If I coul afford a brand new car, I wouldn't be driving an Uber. LOL. A new car payment will exceed Uber payout if you are not careful.  or perhaps in most cases. Someone do the math.

    After more than a thousand rides, I am now convinced that Uber is meant and designed for people who already own a car and taking on this job as a side gig. Purely for making a little extra cash and car payment is considered as a sunk cost.

    I have reduced the amount I drive as a result. I still drive but I won't consier this as fulltime or a long-term career. (yes, I do have another job that takes up 30+ hours of my time as week)

  • Yes I have noticed the same. 

    I heard Uber is currently struggling with the introduction of a new GPS and mapping systems that also calculate the tolls. They moved the mapping provider and engine, whatever that means. 

    Uber really should openly warn drivers on this. I can’t imagine how many unsuspecting drivers are getting boned. 

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     6 months ago in  Using Scammers at the Airport

    Maybe you use Uber and those other drivers you are are using Lyft. Or Juno. Which market are you in?

  • Some of the greenlight hubs I hear have coffee and donuts

  • Many people may laugh at this comment, but I feel as swags like t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, hats, phone cases, etc. will help the driver loyalty.   Yes, we all drive for multiple apps, and you'd think this would be a waste, but we all have some loyalty for one or the other.  For example, I drive for Uber, primarily for the streak bonuses and for simplicity sake, but yes, I do have a preference.  If Uebr can enforce that through some gear I can wear, I think I would be more inclined to stay with them.

    Remember that feeling when you were originally approved for driving for Uber, and you got this excitemennt in your heart?  This sense of pride and being a part of something?  I did. I wanted to everyone.  I feel like I am a bit jaded right now, but some swags may re-kindle that excitement.

  • I wonder how often these work?  The way I have seen prioritze the riders over drivers in terms of conflict resolutions, I'd imagine it works with a decent percentage.  That's sad.

    The problem about Uber driving is that it's guilty until proven innocent.

    I got into a fender bender with Lyft while I had a client in the car.  This automatically prompted my deactivation.  They said all accidents will be reviewed and I wouldn't be able to drive until the investigation was complete.  Kind of bullcrap, because it wasn't even my fault. The police wasn't even called to make a report, but the guy reported it.

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     7 months ago in  Is it impolite not to make small talk with your driver?

    Well, if I asked you a question and you said nothing bad?  Yeah, that's kinda rude.

    I mean..  come on.  Must you ask what it means to be impolite?

  • Passengers that tick me off are those that are entitled and look down on me as a "service provider."  You know the type.  There's at least one in a group of ten.

    In a social setting with his peers, he tries to fit in by employing commonsense (albeit akwardly) and not be a jerk.  However, the moment there is a hired hand, say a waitress, his attitude changes. He doesn't ask and just *commands*.  He does not say thank you.  The tone changes and becomes abrasive, and when things aren't going exactly the way he prefers, he stomps and gets frustrated.

    It's something about their upbringing that made the think.

    Make no mistake about it. Driving Uber is a customer facing job, just like being a waiter or working at a retail store.  We run into so many jerks. 

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     7 months ago in  The "NEW" Uber Surge Format

    The "commission" thing is out the window.  No more percentages.

    Isn't that kinda illegal when employing independent contractor?  I mean, shouldn't we know what kind of work we are about to do and how much we get paid for it?

  • Actually, even being 21 may not be good enough to drive for Uber.  They require 3 years of driving history, so it basically means you had to have started driving when you were 18.

    I don't think any company would break this rule, as I believe it has something to do with liability and insurance.

    Someone else mentioned this but you can do food delivery like UberEATS, DoorDash, Postmates, right?

    ...or Charger for Birds and bicycle delivery?

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     8 months ago in  How do I take an Uber from TF Green Airport, Providence?

    I actually commend Uber for this.  $6.00 is ridiculous as most airports charge $3.00  I've been to that airport, and it's amazing that they thing they can command money like that.

    Lyft just rolled over.  

    Uber... they were very smart and fought for its drivers and consumers.  Didn't get bullied.

  • OK, I will assume this is a serious question.

    If you are familiy, you have to be understanding of the hours he or she works.  This is NOT a 9-5 job by any mean.  It is actually more of the opposite, where we need to work when others aren't.  and those times come around and surrounding the times people work.

    - Early mornigs - before and during people's commute.

    - Later afteroons - after and during people commute.

    - Friday and Saturday nights when people are about to go out and enjoy themselves.

    - Early Monday mornings or Friday afternoons when people are beginning or ending their travels.

    As you can see, these are NOT the times you want to be working.  They are the times you want to be...well, traveling, enjoying yourself or traveling.

    So if you are a family member, you have to be understanding of these odd hours. Sure, the drivers can take times off, but those are also the most lucrative times, so..

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     9 months ago in  Uber to start paying drivers to switch to electric cars

    What does Uber get out of this "incentive"?  Better leverage with lobbyists? 

  • We all treat these lights like they are gifts from the heavens but it's just an plastic box with an LED light in it.  You charge it with a USB cable like anything else. 

    It must cost $2.50 to make.  Should be $10 in regular retail.

    and the fact that it's FREE ADVERTISEMENT for Lyft sort of makes me mad.

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