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New York RideShare

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 Posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Hi Folks, 
I want to move to NY city , how is rideshare over there?
I found some other apps which also give you extra income, have you tried them.

They are Easymove and Wrapier? Does anybody can advice what to use?

Easymove  pays up to $55 per hr


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    275 Rider
     3 years ago

    Wrapier is a horrible name. I didn't know about them before.  Gosh. seriously?

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    558 Driver
     3 years ago

    There's everything under the sun in NYC.  Each one has its own flavor.

    Unlike in other cities where one person has Uber or Lyft as the primary and Uber or Lyft as the secondary, in NYC, drivers seem to use Juno or other smaller rideshares. 

    Also in NYC, there are lots of limo companies and airport transfer companies.  Most of these require you to have livery license, but look out for Blacklane, Jayride, SuperShuttle, Talixo, etc.

    oh, Via is a unique one.  It's like a pooled ride.

    Then there are Arro and Curb which are for regular taxi drivers, so it probaly won't apply to you.